Braced by Alyson Gerber

29283087Rachel Brooks loves soccer. She is working hard and has a chance at being a starting forward. But life takes a turn when she goes to a doctor appointment. Her doctor confirms that her scoliosis has progressed. Alyson will have to wear a hard plastic brace on her back for 23 hours every day until she stops growing.

Life seems so unfair. How will she play soccer? How will she find clothes that fit? How will she handle the looks from other kids? This could change everything. But sometimes through struggles, everything becomes “new and better and stronger.”

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Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson



Matthew Corbin has OCD, but he doesn’t know it. He is afraid of germs and the number 13. He will not leave his house, and his hands are cracked and bleeding from washing them too much. He stays in the safety of his sanitized room and watches the activities of his neighbors.

One day a young child that is playing next door is missing.  Matthew might be able to solve the mystery before it is too late. But will anyone believe him?

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American Revolution

Here are some great suggestions for American Revolution fiction.

Storyteller by Patricia Reilly Gift –  The picture on the wall looks just like Elizabeth. Who is this person? What was her life like? Elizabeth searches for answers as the story unfolds.

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen – Samuel sets out to find his parents after discovering their settlement destroyed by British troops. Will he find his parents alive?

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson – As the Revolutionary War begins, Isabel, an African American slave, wages a her own war for her freedom.

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes – Johnny, a silversmith’s apprentice, is drawn into the events leading to the war including the Boston Tea Party.

My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier – Tim is torn between a brother who is fighting with the patriots and a father who is a loyalist.

Sophia’s War by Avi – Sophia becomes a spy in the home of a British commander.

The Rifle by Gary Paulsen –  A rifle is handcrafted at the time the American Revolution. Follow the journey of a rifle from the American Revolution to modern day.

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Patina by Jason Reynolds

Patina Jones lost her dad unexpectedly. Then her mom got diabetes and became wheelchair bound. She now lives with her uncle and aunt.

Patina is fast. She runs the 800 for her track team, the Defenders. When not running, she juggles school, a little sister, and being separated from her mom.

Patina has a lot to prove to her classmates, her team, her family, and herself. But her mom reminds her, “I don’t make no junk.”

This story is second in the track series. Be sure to check out Reynold’s other book, Ghost .

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Evangelina Takes Flight by Diana J. Noble

“I guess home is not so much a place, a particular house or city. It’s where the people you love are.”



Evangelina lives with her family on a small ranch in northern Mexico in 1911. She loves her life surrounded by family and the beauty of the ranch.

But Mexico is struggling with political unrest. A revolution is spreading across the land. For their protection the family flees over the border to Texas to stay with an aunt.

But the world of opportunity in the United States is also a world filled with prejudice and hate. How will Evangelina adjust to a new language, customs, and school? Through her trials will Evangelina’s faith in God and family to allow her dreams to take flight?

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New Graphic Novels

Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

Peppi Torres just wants to blend in on her first day of middle school.  Instead, she sticks out when she runs right into another kid, Jaime. 23657454Rather than help him up, she shoves him and takes off running. Peppi feels awful, but she’s too shy to apologize. Now Peppi’s art club is in a competion against Jaime’s science club. Every time they meet, it’s “awkward!”



Brave by Svetlana Chmakova

Jensen Graham is trying to navigate life in middle school. Daily he works his way through the maze trying to avoid the pitfalls of teachers, bullies, and the lunchroom.


Trying to figure out where he fits in, Jensen learns that “we are all stronger — when we all look out for one another. We just have to have the courage to do so.”

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The Six Day Hero by Tammar Stein

51dyvqhqk3l-_sx348_bo1204203200_Israel in 1967 is a young country. Many of the inhabitants still remember the horrors of the Holocaust. Surrounded by enemies in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, can this small country survive another war?

Motti worries about the news and possibility of war. While at school, the worst happens. Israel is at war and all the students are moved into the bomb shelter. Will Motti ever see his family again?

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Real Friends by Shannon Hale

51btll0bqjl-_sx343_bo1204203200_What does it mean to be a friend? Friendships can sometimes feel like riding a roller coaster. In her new graphic novel, Shannon Hale share some of her experiences of growing up through changing and challenging friendships.

The days of one good friend come to an end when Shannon finds herself on the outer edges of “The Group.” But friends can be unkind sometimes, and it is difficult to know where to fit in.

Through a vivid imagination and a love for creating stories, Shannon strives to discover herself, who her friends really are, and how it all fits together.

A beautiful story that raises the question – what kind of friend are you?

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Jasper and the Riddle of Riley’s Mine by Caroline Starr Rose

51kaprpertl-_sx329_bo1204203200_The story starts with two brothers leaving a difficult home to find adventure and discover gold. The oldest brother buys a ticket on a ship headed for the Klondike; the younger brother stows away on the same ship. Together they gather clues in hopes of finding the lost mine of Riley. Facing cold temperatures, hunger, dishonesty, and kindness, the boys keep trying to reach their dream of finding gold.

Will the obstacles prove too great? Will the mountains be too high? Will the rivers be too swift? Will the storm and ice be too cold? Will Riley’s mine only be a dream?

Interested in learning more about the Klondike Gold Rush? Check out Call of the Klondike: A True Gold Rush Adventure.

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Horizon by Scott Westerfeld

Javier Perez does not like flying.  He can’t stop thinking about all that could go wrong with the wiring, controls, and more.  However, he and his engineehorizon-smallring club are on their way to Japan to see if their robots can win the Robot Soccer World Championships. They’re on their way until their plane is attacked by an electric storm that throws all but eight kids out into the arctic wasteland below. When the plane crashes, though, the survivors are not in the Arctic Circle. Instead, they find themselves in a tropical jungle filled with plants and creatures unlike any they have ever seen or heard of on Earth. Most seem intent on killing them.

Where are they? How did they get here? Most importantly, how are they going to get home?

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Watch for the second Horizon book – Deadzone by Jennifer Nielsen – coming soon!